Not sure how to order? See our blurb below to help assist with your selections and if you need any more clarifications, feel free to contact us!



Wooden elements: most of our chairs are made of beech wood and can be stained from one of our 12 standard stain colors or they can also be lacquered in any RAL color code.

Upholstery: we have a basic selection of fabrics and synthetic leathers to choose from, but you are also welcome to send your own custom material to our factory for upholstery. Fabric requirements are clearly mentioned for all the chairs so you know how much material is needed.

Metal elements: the metal elements are typically made of steel and can be powdercoated in any RAL color, you can choose your finish to be rough, matt or semi-glossy. In addition, many of the products can also be treated with a special process so that you can have a brass, light brass, ramatura, glossy ramatura or a raw metal finish. We are happy to help advise you of finish combinations in case you are overwhelmed.



Bases: first choose your table base, also keep in mind that each base has a table top size constraint. We advise that the size constraints be adhered to for stability reasons.

Tops: after choosing your base, select the top material that you want and the size. There are many factors to keep in mind when building your own table design:

  • Budget: if you are on a tight budget, we do have very economical options such as HPL tops or veneered
  • Maintenance: solid timber looks very beautiful but also requires a lot more maintenance. You will need to oil the tops every 3-4 months and also do yearly maintenance, but solid timber tops will last you for a very long time.
  • Usability: what kind of a venue will you have? If it is a sports bar we would recommend using more durable materials as opposed to a café where your clientele is not as rowdy.